High Precision

With purpose-made low-friction anodized aluminum guide rods and anti-backlash mechanisms standard on all axes, the Creation Workstation provides super-high resolutionoperation (up to 32,000 steps per inch, about 1 micron per step) with 99% repeatability. That means if your project calls for a drilling pass, your Creation Workstation can go back over your milled object and punch those holes precisely with the drill bit. This is very important for precision work such as PCB milling or jewelry making.


Miniature State of Arkansas milled from brass on the Creation WorkstationMiniature State of Arkansas milled from brass on the Creation Workstation


 With the Creation Workstation there are no longer limits on your imagination and creativity. This one versatile machine provides you with all the technology tools to expand your capabilities. Whether you need a precision machine part, a prototype circuit board, a new cover for your smart phone or a unique jewelry gift for a loved one, the Creation Workstation is the one tool in your workshop that can do it all.