We have many satisfied customers around the world using our products in one form or other.
The Creation Workstation is the combination of all of those technologies into one versatile and highly-capable machine.



"I absolutely made the best decision to purchase my CNC router and related items from you guys as the support I've received from you and Julie has been absolutely phenomenal!"  Josshe, Texas

"I got my CNC up and running and it works wonderfully. Thank you for all your help." 
Robert, Texas

"Success -Yes I've got it now. Thanks again for all your help. Liking the personal touch with your company -it pays off and is appreciated." 
Clem, United Kingdom

"I appreciate the quick response and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. I have dealt with companies in the past where making a buck is of supreme importance over customer satisfaction and I am sincerely appreciative of you all resolving this matter the way you did....you all have come a long way with the product and have outstanding customer service. I will certainly recommend your shop to my friends and customers who are interested in learning about CNC and how to build or buy one of their own." 
Marc, Nevada

"Thanks for your detailed response. I really appreciated that you took the time and effort to provide such a meticulous explanation to my question. Anyone who takes the time to clarify questions as you did if definitely someone we want to work with." 
Bob, California