We Do Augmented Realty!

We get quite a few questions and comments about one of the coolest and most innovative features of the Creation Workstation - Augmented Reality Preview.

This feature gives you the ability to preview the size and positioning of your Creation Workstation output on the machine bed before you use up time and materials on dialing in your project.

This is all handled within FabCAM. Simply:

  • Hook up your USB webcam (any supported by your operating system should work fine)
  • Click the video preview button on FabCAM
  • Position the virtual project in the best location for it to be milled/printed/engraved/cut
  • Position the tip of the tool (end mill/extruder tip/engraving bit/laser dot) at the corner of the positioning symbol, Click SET HOME
  • Click the PROCESS GCODE button, sit back and enjoy the show!

Here's a short video to help explain:


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